Frequently Asked Questions

1-Call Alaska is organized as an Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) as defined in OPA 90 for enrollment by any plan holder who finds the program a suitable compliance option for citation in their Vessel Response Plans. 1Call Alaska includes casualty risk reduction and emergency response provisions. The APC is presently under USCG review.

Recent implementation of VRP requirements to include all ships over 400GRT established a requirement for an emergency response planning option not previously available in the Aleutian Islands and other coastal communities in Western Alaska. Following the recent acquisition of Magone Marine in Unalaska, RESOLVE has organized 1-Call Alaska as a Vessel Response Plan compliance option in a strategic alliance with National Response Corporation (NRC). For complete peace of mind 1-Call Alaska was developed to not only provide APC compliance and Vessel Response Planning, but to also offer response services that can aid your vessel long before anyone else can even get assets into the region. We ensure your employees, cargo, and reputation are safe while utilizing one of the most remote and unforgiving waterways in the world.

RESOLVE Marine Group and National Response Corporation are nationally prominent marine emergency response companies with an established relationship providing response planning and operations capabilities. The companies have seized this chance to position a comprehensive planning and emergency response service requested by their many clients whose vessels often ply the north Pacific Great Circle route.

VRP citation of the APC will available to enrolled plan holders. Once USCG review of the APC application is complete, enrollment details will be posted here at

The strategic alliance partners are well-equipped specialist response organizations with an operations and logistics base in Dutch Harbor. NRC is the largest oil spill removal organization in the USA and RESOLVE provides all salvage and marine firefighting requirements listed in OPA 33CFR155, Subparts D & J. All services are now available in Western Alaska waters.

In Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island about 50 miles from Unimak Pass.

A fully equipped salvage tug, m/v RESOLVE PIONEER, for emergency towing; a specially outfitted tank barge for lightering and temporary storage; high capacity skimmers and open water booms for spill response; and, a variety of tugs and work platforms for operational support.

NRC has the proven capacity to cascade enough equipment to combat any worst case discharge as defined in OPA 90. RESOLVE has mobilized and sustained long term salvage and wreck removal operations in many parts of the world. Both companies have organized extensive networks of specialist subcontractors.