Enrollment Document

1-Call Alaska Contract

To obtain services, please fill out and sign our Enrollment Form:

1-Call Alaska Addendum

There is no fee to enroll for 1-Call Alaska coverage if your vessel(s) do not transit the Western Alaska Great Circle Route coverage area. The one-time annual 1-Call Alaska vessel fee is only applicable to those vessels that transit the Western Alaska Great Circle Route. It is beneficial to activate coverage and enroll your fleet for 1-Call Alaska coverage to avoid arranging coverage last minute for any future voyages.

To enroll your vessel(s) for 1-Call Alaska APC coverage please:

  1. Contact ops@1callalaska.com and we will provide you with our 1-Call Alaska Addendum for signature and return.
  2. Sign and return the co-signed 1-Call Alaska Addendum
  3. With the receipt of the 1-Call Alaska Addendum we will revert with all necessary guidelines and required documents.