Vessel Enrollment

1-Call Vessel Enrollment

Enrollment with 1-Call Alaska is easy, our billing structure is fair and simple, and once completed, your vessels will receive the most comprehensive coverage available in Western Alaska. Operators that sign with 1-Call Alaska are provided with a fully-integrated OPA-90 Planning and Response Solution for the Pacific Great Circle Route, approved by the United States Coast Guard on September 6, 2016. We are proud to offer you peace of mind in one of the most remote and harsh seas in the world.

Enrollment Form

Enrollment is quick and easy.  You can access and fill out the form here, 1-Call Alaska Contract, or click below to learn more about our enrollment procedures.


If you would like to learn more about our Coverage Area, Operational Guidelines, Rates, and/ or to see our USCG Approval Letter follow the link below.

Client Portal

Once signed, you’ll have the ability to view your enrolled vessels through our portal link. You can access your 1-Call Alaska account by simply logging in.


If you have any questions feel free to look at our FAQs, though keep in mind we’re always here for you (24hours /7 days a week) just give us a call or email us.