Response Ready and Company Owned Salvage Equipment

Parent company of 1-Call Alaska, Resolve Marine Group’s main business was founded on emergency response and marine salvage in 1990.  Today after years of reinvesting back into the company, RESOLVE owns and operates numerous types of salvage assets, including tugs, ETVs, barges, cranes, chain pullers, and the like.

When Resolve noticed that there was response gap in Western Alaska, it decided to form 1-Call Alaska and send an oil collection barge, cranes, pollution boom, and the RESOLVE PIONEER, an 80T BP emergency tow supply vessel (ETV) as well as other types of salvage equipment.

RESOLVE also purchased the salvage and shipyard operation, Magone Marine, in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. This strategic acquisition provided 1-Call Alaska the ability to assist vessels from the central location of Dutch Harbor, reducing critical response times for personnel and equipment. Vessels transiting the Aleutian Island Chain and western Alaska waters are now within reasonable reach of critical emergency response equipment should the need arise.

1-Call Alaska, with oil spill response and salvage equipment, now offers a one call solution for clients navigating Alaskan waters.



15 AUGUST 2012 Rena Photo : Graeme Brown -Visionmedia NZ Heavy lifting - off the Rena