Response Ready Oil Spill Pollution Response Equipment, so to ensure timely response and prevent costly delays.

As an APC responder, 1-Call Alaska identified the importance of having and operating actual response equipment. Rather than depending on subcontractors for Oil response operations, NRC’s expertise and oil spill response equipment is stationed and ready to go if an APC casualty arises.

Alaska Oil Spill Equipment

From fire to offshore booms, scrubbers, oil spill tanks, skimmers, absorbants, dispersants, high pressure washers, and oil collection pumps, 1-Call Alaska is prepared to response. NRC is a nationally recognized oil spill responder, providing coverage and oil spill response operations to most vessels transiting America waters.

In the 1-Call Alaska partnership, NRC’s experience, expertise, and equipment, provides clients the benefit of having both an APC provider and responder for Western Alaska. This provides 1-Call Alaska with the best response capability in the area

NRC is a global environmental, industrial, and emergency response service provider with the highest safety standards using  industry best practices.

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