Oil Spill Pollution Response Equipment to Ensure a Timely Response and Prevent Costly Delays.

As an APC responder, 1-Call Alaska identified the importance of owning and operating response equipment, rather than depending on subcontractors for oil response support.

Alaska Oil Spill Equipment

1-Call Alaska therefore owns: harbor boom, offshore boom, scrubbers, oil spill tanks, skimmers, absorbents, dispersants, high pressure washers, and oil collection pumps, packaged ready to respond at any time. Equipment is staged in containers in Dutch Harbor, Nome, Anchorage and Homer.

1-Call Alaska ensures that its’ equipment is always maintained to the highest standard, and stock-piled to maintain compliance with USCG OSRO classification guidelines.

For more information about 1-Call spill response equipment, contact OPS@1callalaska.com.

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