Incident Management is at the Core of 1-Call Alaska

Effectively responding, while communicating with stakeholders, government and community, is not an easy task. That is why 1-Call Alaska has adopted the internationally recognized Incident Command System (ICS) to manage all of its responses and does so with high efficiency and expertise. 1- Call Alaska, backed by Resolve Marine Group, has personnel that have responded all over the world, under nearly every circumstance imaginable. We understand how important it is to effectively manage the incident and communicate objectives using an international language so that our clients, government and community feel heard and protected. 

Surpassing just Incident Management

As an Alaskan company, comprised of locals and supported by international expertise, we care for our community, our water, and our environment with a level of professionalism that is un-matched by our competitors. At 1-Call Alaska, we go above and beyond simply managing the incident, we respond with the audacity of a local and the expertise and professionalism of an internationally recognized response organization.

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