Incident Management is at the Core of 1-Call Alaska

When and if a casualty occurs, there is no better response and incident management partnership in Western Alaska then the strategic alliance of Resolve and NRC. 1-Call Alaska provides our clients with what has been considered the most experienced incident management response operations in the area.

Being able to handle the management of a maritime casualty in accordance with the emergency needs as well as governmental and environmental requirements is not an easy task, and one that 1-Call Alaska is proud to be a top considered highly efficient and experienced with. In addition to our experienced management team, all of our 1-Call team members have been extensively trained to undertake and assist in such situations. 

Surpassing just Incident Management

This combination constitutes unprecedented marine emergency response preparedness in Western Alaska COTP zone. 1-Call Alaska maintains salvage, marine firefighting, emergency towing, and spill response base in Dutch Harbor, AK. Together the companies provide trained response teams that are prepared for safe and effective deployment of 1-Call Alaska’s specialized resources.

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