Real Response Capabilities include Emergency Standby Aviation


Meeting Emergency Needs in Western Alaska

Western Alaska is a tough environment to work in, not to mention to travel to.  1-Call Alaska realized the need of a guaranteed means of transportation to and from Western in the case of a maritime casualty. Road and Water transportation would be considered too slow, and potentially too difficult pending on the season. And as most know, flights to Western Alaska are highly difficult to come by on short notice.

With all of the above in mind, Resolve has provided the partnership with their Pilatus, currently on emergency response standby and stationed in Anchorage, AK with trained aerial observers immediately available.

Passenger & Freight Transportation

1-Call Alaska’s strategic alliance partners, Resolve and NRC, both understand the logistics and strategical planning that is undergone in emergency and casualty responses. Regardless of the type of casualty, often times there is a need of personnel and equipment to be moved to the casualty site. The Pilatus offers a payload upwards of 2000 lbs. and a large cargo door that meets multiple types of transportation needs to most rural airports in the state of Alaska.