Vessel Tracking

1-Call Alaska offers our clients excellent coverage of their vessels through thorough and constant tracking, 24 hours per day, 7 [...]

Oil spill drill, anchorage and aleutian islands

Incident Management

When and if a casualty occurs, there is no better response and incident management partnership in Western Alaska then the [...]


1-Call Alaska realized that in order to work in the emergency business of Western Alaska, owning a means air transportation [...]

Salvage Response

Our 1-Call Alaska partner, RESOLVE, was founded on emergency response and marine salvage. Today after 30+ years of reinvesting back [...]

Oil Spill Response

As an ACP responder, 1-Call Alaska identified the importance of having and operating actual response equipment. Rather than depending on [...]

1-Call Alaska Services Brochure

1-Call Alaska Brochure