2020 is a challenging time for our marine environment. We are experiencing ocean acidification, global warming, sea-level rise and now unprecedented coastal erosion. Our coastlines, which once served as critical habitat for nesting sea turtles and burrowing invertebrates, are disappearing leaving many plants and animals displaced without a home. his includes a tight-knit Inupiaq community […]
On September 13 in the Port of Honolulu Hawaii, The Resolve Marine Group and Resolve Maritime Academy co-hosted a morning tabletop exercise (TTX) with our resource partners (T&T Salvage, American Marine/Penco) followed by an afternoon equipment deployment exercise with firefighting teams. The tabletop and equipment deployment, in accordance with 33 CFR155, simulated an in-port engine […]
Many members of the 1-Call Alaska team are stationed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska which is 1300 km from Anchorage, the most populous region in the state. The area is teeming with marine wildlife, industry and fisherman, which can unfortunately at times overlap. Pictured is a young humpback whale that became ensnared in crabbing gear just […]
The following information is provided to clarify activation of a vessel response plan (VRP), and when and how deviation from listed response resources may occur. An increasing number of responses in which VRPs have been used, have resulted in confusion as to what action taken activates a VRP. Activation is not defined in 33 CFR […]
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center announced Tuesday a voluntary online service that enables mariners to verify compliance with automated identification system carriage requirements. The Vessel Identification Verification Service (VIVS) is a new web-based, self-help service that allows ships agents, owners, and operators to search their respective vessel or fleets to determine if […]
In the case that sleigh becomes filled or your reindeer play hooky, RESOLVE now offers flights for personnel and freight in our Anchorage, AK based Pilatus Aircraft.  RESOLVE is now Air Carrier Certified by the ANC FAA office.  To find more information visit us at : www.resolveaviation.com
Maritime Executive covers another maritime casualty nearby a current RESOLVE project in Bella Bella, BC.  The Maritime Executive article can be found here.  On Sunday evening, the tug Columbia Layne was towing a sand and gravel barge in Graham Reach, near Bella Bella, British Columbia. In foul weather and heavy swells, the barge flipped and sank – […]
After a reported severe engine casualty from the BBC Colorado with 12 people aboard, RESOLVE PIONEER assisted in transporting the 400-foot cargo vessel to Washington. https://www.vesselfinder.com/…/7445-USCG-assists-disabled-c…