Oil Spill Emergency Exercise in Dutch Harbor

We Offer The Best APC Response Capabilities in Western Alaska

Resolve Marine Group, Inc (RESOLVE) and National Response Corporation (NRC) in the 1-Call Alaska combination constitutes unprecedented marine emergency response preparedness in Western Alaska COTP zone. 1‐Call Alaska maintains salvage, marine firefighting, emergency towing, and spill response base in Dutch Harbor, AK. Together the companies provide trained response teams that are prepared for safe and effective deployment of 1‐Call Alaska’s specialized resources.
When it comes to marine casualty response, no organization can respond better than the combined forces of NRC and RESOLVE. 


RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc. is a leading marine services organization that provides salvage, emergency response, training, naval architecture and marine engineering and many other services to the global maritime industry. For more than 30 years, RESOLVE has served commercial shipping companies, cruise lines, the offshore oil and gas industry, marine insurers, governments, agencies and other clients worldwide. Learn more about RESOLVE here.

nrclogoNational Response Corporation is a global service provider of environmental, industrial and emergency response solutions. With the highest safety standards and industry best practice, the National Response Corporation (NRC) is at hand to deliver a highly responsive local service in some of the world’s toughest environments. NRC leads the industry in meeting or exceeding the most current health and safety requirements and operating standards. Learn more about NRC here.

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Resolve Marine Group, Inc (RESOLVE) and National Response Corporation (NRC), in the 1-Call Alaska combination, constitutes unprecedented marine emergency response preparedness in Western Alaska COTP zone. 1-Call Alaska is heavily focused on response because that is core of what both RESOLVE and NRC do. Additionally, we have combined our response strengths to meet the regulations as closely as possible with use of a variety of prevention method

Resolve Marine Group (Resolve) and the National Response Corporation (NRC) are world class providers of emergency and compliance services for the maritime industry. We have formed the 1-Call Alaska program to provide the same level of coverage our clients expect throughout the world in the waters of Western Alaska. Not only do we work together to ensure that your vessels remain compliant with the US Coast Guard, we also have the best response assets in the Western Alaska region to ensure that your vessels are assisted in the shortest time possible. While other services can provide monitoring, and promise that in the event of an emergency they will find you help, only 1-Call Alaska can provide the assets necessary to protect your employees, cargo, vessel, and business in a timely manner.

1-Call Alaska maintains the largest and most readily available response cache in the Western Alaska region, we have the capability to provide marine firefighting, salvage, emergency towing, and spill response services. 1-Call Alaska also maintains the 80T BP Anchor Handler/Tug Supply Vessel Resolve Pioneer and a 21,500 Barrel Oil Recovery Tank Barge Resolve Ibis, both our based out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Our assets and their location in the Aleutian chain allow our clients the largest and most readily available response service in the Western Alaska region. Our response assets make our coverage of Western Alaska meaningful, and our clients know should they ever need us there will be no hesitation or looking for contractors we will respond to the incident faster and better than anyone else in the region.

Since the inception of the 1990 Oil Pollution Act (OPA-90), RESOLVE and NRC have provided emergency response services to the maritime industry. Both companies have continued to expand, growing globally, and increasing their service expertise. RESOLVE and NRC continually strive to provide their clients the best in service while promoting safety. Our personnel are trained, not only for ACP tracking and client services, but for true maritime responses. 1-Call Alaska’s personnel are trained in oil spill mitigation and casualty personnel and vessel response.