Introducing CISPRI, 1-Call Alaska’s APC Partner

1-Call Alaska recently began offering Tank Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) services in Captain of the Port Western Alaska with the support of Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response (CISPRI.)  CISPRI is a certified Oil Spill Removal Organization (United States Coast Guard OSRO) and State of Alaska Primary Response Action Contractor (PRAC) serving the Cook Inlet region of Alaska. CISPRI is a member-owned, non-profit corporation providing oil spill planning, training, and response services to facilities and vessels throughout the Cook Inlet region. 

CISPRI has a wealth of operational experience and capability.  Their responders are used to performing oil spill recovery activities in remote, subarctic, and highly tidal areas (tidal ranges of 28 feet are common throughout the Cook Inlet).  CISPRI is the only rated OSRO in the Cook Inlet, meaning that while enrollment is needed with 1-Call Alaska for areas outside Cook Inlet, a vessel MUST use CISPRI coverage (regardless of APC provider) if entrance into the Cook Inlet is planned. 

1-Call Alaska’s Tank APC is the first APC built from the ground up to facilitate easier transits from APC areas to the CISPRI Coverage Zone in Cook Inlet. CISPRI and 1-Call Alaska spent a considerable amount of time drafting the Tank APC, understanding the capabilities of each organization, and figuring out how to integrate the service offerings of both organizations into a market-leading service.  CISPRI has a specific allotment of equipment for supporting the APC in Western Alaska.  This equipment is staged aboard the ENDEAVOR, CISPRI RESPONDER BARGE, and their new equipment cache in Kodiak, Alaska. More information on CISPRI’s APC equipment can be found within the 1-Call Alaska Tank Vessel Master’s Guide

Upon entering the Tank Vessel APC Market, 1-Call Alaska supported by CISPRI almost doubled the spill response capability available to Vessel Owner Operators that operate Tank Vessels in Western Alaska. 1-Call is excited to have CISPRI as a key component of the new APC Service, and 1-Call looks forward to sharing continued capabilities to the vessels utilizing the Great Circle Route off Alaska.  Find out more about CISPRI.