Alaska EEZ US Voyage vs. Innocent Passage Requirements (Voyage Management)

Great Circle Traffic Patterns around the US EEZ off of Alaska

1-Call Alaska has two passage types in for transit within the Alaska (U.S.) EEZ. The two passage types are:

Innocent Passage: Vessels traveling to a Non-US port from a Non-US port.

Vessels are asked to participate in 1-Call Alaska’s communication, routing, and voyage management to ensure the vessel does not inadvertently require USCG review.

No charge is required for voyage management services provided by 1-Call Alaska on innocent passage traffic.

US Voyage: Vessels traveling either to or from a US Port of Call.

Vessels are required to participate in 1-Call Alaska communication, routing, and voyage management to ensure the vessel does not inadvertently require USCG review.

Whether the transit is Innocent Passage or US Voyage, the 1-Call Alaska requests a “Notice of Transit”. We request this notice 96-hours before arrival including:

Once 1-Call has the Transit Notice:

  • We will issue a response confirming the receipt of the Notice of Transit and follow up with any questions regarding the voyage.
  • A phone call will be placed to your vessel (regardless of passage type) upon entering the EEZ to verify your phone number.

Additional correspondence/contact with 1-Call Alaska is not necessary unless:

–     Your vessel has any questions

–     Your vessel has a mechanical issue and needs to halt transit requiring 1-Call to obtain an email or phone call alerting the vessel’s need to stop for mechanical work.  In this email or phone call we will need:

  • Estimated time until your vessel is back underway
  • A general description of the issue
  • Weather conditions at the location
  • Confirmation that all is well on board

–    Your vessel has any sort of weather-related routing where we ask you to call or email as soon as practical with your new waypoints. Should you need to deviate within 50nm of land, we will send you the USCG’s required form that should be filled out before coming within 50nm of the shore.

–    Your vessel has any sort of incident or casualty where we ask you to send an email as soon as practical explaining the incident where:

  • It is a reportable casualty: 46 CFR 4.05-1 (Grounding, Loss of Life, Injury that requires professional medical treatment, occurrence materially affecting seaworthiness, occurrence causing property damage of over $75,000, or an occurrence causing significant harm to the environment.) Please call the National Response Center 1-800-424-8802.
  • It is anything else and you are unsure, please give us a call at +1 907-243-0069.

1-Call Alaska wants to make your upcoming voyage as safe and as easy as possible for your crew.  We are your partner and here to assist with your vessel’s safe, timely, and compliant transit through the Alaska EEZ.