Every day is Earthday at 1-Call Alaska

Based in Western Alaska, 1-Call Alaska, part of Resolve Marine, is uniquely positioned to provide maritime APC Response services to global vessels traveling the EEZ as well as environmental stewardship protecting Alaska waters.  Alaska is one of the last American frontiers where a delicate balance between commerce and nature is constantly observed.  1-Call keeps a watchful eye over 100’s of vessels daily able to provide preventative directives or mobilize response teams.   1-Call Alaska projects range from emergency ocean towing that saves lives to oil spill response restoring coastal beaches and protecting sensitive wildlife.  1-Call Alaska is a member of Aleutian communities taking their role as environmental stewards seriously.  When a humpback whale was distressed off the Dutch Harbor coast, 1-Call, local fisherman, and business working together went the extra mile to free the stranded animal. Every day is Earthday at 1-Call Alaska, we proudly join the Earthday 2020  global conversation for transformative environmental change!