Hawaii SMFF Table Top Exercise

On September 13 in the Port of Honolulu Hawaii, The Resolve Marine Group and Resolve Maritime Academy co-hosted a morning tabletop exercise (TTX) with our resource partners (T&T Salvage, American Marine/Penco) followed by an afternoon equipment deployment exercise with firefighting teams. The tabletop and equipment deployment, in accordance with 33 CFR155, simulated an in-port engine room fire where the CO2 suppression system was ineffective, extinguishing a simulated fire requiring SMFF resources.

The exercise demonstrated core marine firefighting components under the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP) that displayed Resolve’s capabilities to the local maritime industry, USCG, government, and state authorities.  The morning tabletop exercise began with Resolve introducing the scenario along with background on the regulation, including a robust discussion about the hazards and tactics for combating onboard fires.  The afternoon session moved outside to a harbor pier simulating equipment and personnel deployment onto a distressed vessel.  The afternoon simulation illustrates the effective methods to mobilize resources needed to respond in accordance with OPA90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting regulations under 33 CFR 255.4030. Well received by the USCG and Hawaii Emergency Responders, the exercise efficiently illustrated the Resolve Marine Group’s capabilities to execute OPA90 – SMFF regulations.