Oil Spill Beach clean up and stranded tanker

Solomon Islands Oil Spill Response

A quick glance at the 1-Call Alaska corporate brochure and you will see the heading on page 1: “Prepared Locally, Responding Globally. Safeguarding our clients’ investments with world class emergency response. Protecting Alaskan Waters.” This is what 1-Call Alaska promises, and this is what we guarantee.

On February 24th, 2019, Resolve Marine Group, parent company of 1-Call Alaska accepted a job in the Solomon Islands to lighter and refloat the SOLOMON TRADER as well as clean-up Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) that spilled in the pristine Kangava Bay, directly adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  1-Call Alaska staff deployed alongside Resolve Salvers to provide spill response services.  “Resolve was selected to handle the response, given that it is a specialist and reputable organisation capable of working towards the best possible outcomes.” – Korea P&I Club (Tradewinds, April 12th 2019).

Despite the vast distance between Alaska and the Solomon Islands, the response provided learning opportunities transferrable to a response in many regions of the state.  The location was remote, the shoreline heterogenous and morphologically complex and competing tribes added a unique social dynamic. Within the span of 15 km, two tribes vied over land rights, which had to be understood and graciously respected. Resolve mounted an effective response with excellent results, despite these challenges.  The remoteness and logistical challenges of bringing in the personnel and equipment to adequately and professionally take care of the spill is exactly what we would experience during a spill occurring on most of the Aleutian Islands and in many other remote Alaskan areas.    

This experience and many others are why we embody the slogan “Prepared Locally, Responding Globally”. 1-Call Alaska is the only response company in Alaska that has a strong local presence that also garners international experience in an industry where opportunity is thankfully rarely provided. We are responding at every opportunity we can, so that when an incident happens in Alaska, we are the Best Prepared to deal with it.