US Coast Guard releases program to help AIS users confirm compliance

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center announced Tuesday a voluntary online service that enables mariners to verify compliance with automated identification system carriage requirements.

The Vessel Identification Verification Service (VIVS) is a new web-based, self-help service that allows ships agents, owners, and operators to search their respective vessel or fleets to determine if they are in compliance with static automated identification system data mandates.

Through VIVS, users can search by vessel name and call sign, vessel type, a maritime mobile service identity number, and vessel length and beam.

VIVS is accessed at the following link:

“This effort has the potential to significantly increase safety levels on U.S. navigable waterways with only a modest investment necessary to coordinate the wealth of information that is available,” said Lt. Cmdr. Marlon L. Heron from the Navigation Center’s E-Tracking Branch.

Automated identification systems are required on most commercial vessels traveling through U.S. navigable waterways. AIS is a navigation safety communications system that reduces the risk of collisions while enhancing mariner situational awareness.

The Coast Guard encourages all mariners to use AIS to gain access to the ever-increasing amount of marine safety information available through AIS transmissions.

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