Second Tug & Barge Casualty Near Bella Bella, B.C.

Maritime Executive covers another maritime casualty nearby a current RESOLVE project in Bella Bella, BC.  The Maritime Executive article can be found here.  On Sunday evening, the tug Columbia Layne was towing a sand and gravel barge in Graham Reach, near Bella Bella, British Columbia. In foul weather and heavy swells, the barge flipped and sank – the second tug and barge casualty in the area in a month. Jess Housty, councilor with the Heiltsuk tribe of Bella Bella, said in a statement that this was further evidence that the Northwest Passage needs better emergency response resources. “Two incidents in four weeks is too many for these coastal waters. The Coast Guard and other marine rescue services are already stretched thin. A Coast Guard vessel currently responding to the Nathan E. Stewart spill had to be deployed to deal with this second incident, and at this time we don’t know if it will be able to return tomorrow,” she said. “It is clear that [Transport Minister] Garneau and Prime Minister Trudeau’s promised regulatory changes can’t come soon enough.”bella-bella-resolve-pioneer-project